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Visit our website to learn how you can earn a Master’s Degree in Data Science and Analytics from our institute in Patna. Our institute, a reputed name in the field of education since 1984, offers MBA degree programs in Management to build your career and grow.

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We help turn data into tangible business outcomes so you become a trusted decision maker.Earn a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, or Mobile Development. Gain the knowledge you need to start your career in tech and never look back.Earn an advanced degree in data science and analytics through a flexible online program.

Our master’s degree will teach you how to approach data and analytics with a strategic

Rather than just practical, perspective. It’s the only program of its kind in India, and we include one-on-one mentoring from faculty who are also working professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to work on real-world projects from major players, such as amazon, flipkart and many reputed e commerce and comerical sites who are working in india.


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Enroll in this course to earn your masters degree in data analytics with Analytics.Our expert instructors and curated curriculum are designed to accelerate your data analytics career. Enroll today and take your skills to a new level!You will be taught the skills to build your own web applications that leverage data from many sources.Choose from our top notch courses, become a certified programmer and kick start your career.

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The data analytics course is designed to help you develop the technical and analytical skills essential to working in the field of data-driven decision making. The course also provides an overview of modern data science techniques, many of which are trending topics such as IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data and Machine Learning. This can lead to a career in Big Data analytics companies or startups.This course will help you understand the technical and analytical skills that are essential for working in data analytics. These skills include SQL, Python, Hadoop, and Tableau. The course also provides an overview of modern data science techniques including machine learning, which is a very trending topic in this field.So, this is a course that will teach you how to analyze billions of rows of data in NoSQL, Hadoop and MapReduce. It will also teach you about popular real-life use cases such as natural language processing, machine learning and recommendation systems.This is a course that can help you make data driven decisions in an organization. It teaches you how to extract information from large and complex data sets.


Big data refers to the gathering, storing, analyzing and utilising of large amounts of information for a range of big organization decisions. Our aim is to show you how the techniques used in Data Analysis translate into real world situations, tools and applications.Enables you to make sense of Big Data and master the tools used in extracting insights from them.It has a nice syntax and powerful features, but management of the data is not easy.


Data analytics course with masters degree

Complete your data analytics degree in Patna, Bihar. We offer you immersive, hands-on learning experience.Our data analytics course helps you to build a career in the field of data analysis and create better business solutions.


Data analytics is a method that analyzes data to predict, uncover and visualize trends. It helps the organization to grow and improve performance.


Data analytics is a field that deals with the mapping and analysis of data. In the current scenario, data analytics is being used for various purposes such as marketing, decision making, detecting fraud and cyber security. The main objective of any organization is to provide accurate information to its clients in order to make decisions. Data analytics has emerged as one of the fastest growing fields in technology owing to its ability to harvest insights from unstructured and vast amounts of data and transform it into intelligent business solutions.Complete your data analytics degree in Patna. Learn how to collect and process data using business intelligence tools to discover insights that drive an organization’s strategy, operations, and organizational goals.Complete your data analytics degree in Patna. Data is a crucial part of day-to-day life, and at the same time can be interpreted in multiple ways to drive business decisions. If you have an analytical skill set and have an interest in a field like finance, technology, or healthcare where data analysis is a core competency, then you’ll find just what you’re looking for at University of Patna today.

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Data Analytics is the science and art of “interpreting the data through machine learning and statistical models aimed at making better business decisions.Data Analytics is the science and art of extracting knowledge and insights from data.Data Analytics makes it possible to quickly parlay data into valuable insights that can inform your business decisions.Data Analytics is a tool that empowers you to make better decisions. Let us help you find your answer to business greatness.We promote statistical analysis and the use of data to find patterns and associations.


The beauty of Data Analytics is that it can be applied to almost anything. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can use it at work to improve your business, at home to understand the global economy and beyond. Anything that uses numbers or data is fair game! There are endless possibilities.Whether you want to use data for strategy, process optimization or looking for patterns & insights, we can help.